Guppy Health Care

Despite your best efforts of having a clean tank, and feeding your guppies healthy food, sometimes they will get sick. Below is a list of common guppy diseases and their treatments.

This is often caused by cold water, sudden temperature changes, and other stress to your fish. It generally attacks the fins and skin. Treat the water with 1 or 2 drops of formalin and try raising your water temperature slightly. The gravel in your tank should be vacuumed daily until the spots are gone. Continue treating for 3 to 5 days after the spots have disappeared from the fish.

These are whitish patches on the skin and fins. Do a 50% water change then treat with nitrofurazon or tetracycline for 7 days.

This disease eats away at your fish's fins. Use nitrofurazon or tetracycline for 7 days, with 10% daily water changes.

This is like White Spot, and can be treated the same way. The only diffence is the golden color of the spots.

Nitrofurazon and tetracycline are two very useful antibacterial additives and should be kept on hand. They both work well for treating the most common diseases among guppies and even some not so common ones.


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